Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday...Late..

I've been doing a lot of walking with the dog lately..the weather has been beautiful.
Along the way I've noticed the amazing dried seed pods still hanging onto the bare branches.. nature is the best designer..
With that inspiration,I've been making some Pod beads but didn't want them to be all neutrally and browns at the time..I'm not a "brights" person generally..but guess after all the festive decorations of the Holidays, I still needed some cheery colors..
Those bigger beads with the 2-3 colors have a larger opening at the bottom edge, a bit bell like..but quickly return to the normal thread channel..the idea was to use them as a pendant and cluster a bunch of tiny, dangling beads at that bottom opening. Funny though, my favorite bead might be that little tan shinoish one with the irregular marks in the lower right corner..guess I will be glazing some pods in neutrals after all.. 


Jean A. Wells said...

That is a beautiful gorgeous batch of beads. Nature will never let us down will it?

sharon said...

Love your beads Nan! I am always attracted to neutrals the most.

stregata said...

Wonderful group of beads - loving those toned down greens.

Gold Charm Bracelet said...

Nature of course inspires us in more ways than one.It is good to create things you see around...the pods look very pretty in multi color.