Monday, January 30, 2012

Bead Soup Party Book

At Last....

We've been holding on to a Big secret for a long time ..I've been about to burst with excitement..
Finally I'm able to share Lori Anderson's Book cover design for the upcoming Bead Soup Party projects book,and also reveal that the Publishers have included me( so far) as a contributor  to Lori's Book.
 Lori cooked up a fabulous idea a few years ago..the Bead Soup was an instant hit and has been growing and Growing in popularity. It's a fun event, not only as a  participant but also just to Blog hop and view the lovely creations. I'm always amazed to see the raw soup mixes and then discover how each person has worked their magic on the ingredients.
Please visit her Blog for more info and the full list of contributor's
Check back to Pretty Things blog for updates on the release dates for the Bead Soup Party Book.


Jean A. Wells said...

Congratulations to you Nan for your contribution to such a wonderful project. You deserve it, your art is special.

Lori Anderson said...

Thank you SO MUCH for participating in this venture -- and I'm loving that your beads are in the book as well as your talent at jewelry design!

one-eared pig said...

So cool!