Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Treasures Discovered

The New Years resolution #1..get organized..on that list was cleaning out the garage.. digging around ,in a half hearted attempt to get motivated today, I unearthed a little red tool box..it contained some goodies from U of Oregon Metalsmithing classes, 13yrs+ago ..a riveting hammer.. a bag of turquoise wheels, lots of assorted tiny rasps, this odd spring chain of copper wire ,which was a class project but the best thing of all..silver...a small amount of heavy gauge sheets and assorted gauged wire that had been patinaed from letting it sit in that box with some ancient LOS which i must have tossed some years ago cause it was so stinky..

Now to find a polishing cloth..there must be one around here someplace.. there's every other art supply you can imagine..and probably a few you may never have heard of..

I'm especially happy over this find as i have been wanting to make some earrings from coral rondelles that really needed patinaed silver wire to show them off..I only have argenium ,non tarnishing wire..my vision was of something a bit more rustic
However, there was that nagging guilty feeling on account of the $$$ i've been spending on beads and supplies already, i should make some money before spending anything further on supplies.....does anyone else know that feeling..i bet you do..
There's plenty of wire in this find for several earrings and some left for other things too....Magically my wish has been granted..
and no money spent on it..too good...guess this is the universe's way of reinforcing my resolution to get organized...

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