Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let the Summer Begin

I haven't been very good lately( or ever) in keeping up with my blog..however I do check in every day to read and lurk on my favorite Blogs.
Seems the last month or so I've just been playing catch up with all manner of distractions keeping me from the studio..when all I really want to do is make beads.

Hopefully today, after some minor errand running I will get my wish, I've been playing around with  a number of ideas for new pieces and would like to get those into production this weekend..
Hope all of you have a fun and safe Holiday..let the Summer begin!!!

Here are a few photos..of just stuff an such.


Heart bead set

pieces donated to Friends of BARC auction using a Spirited Earth butterfly heart in the necklace and Spirited Earth ceramic bead in the bracelet

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mairedodd said...

wishing you a weekend filled with all things you desire... time in the studio and all!
yes, summer officially opens - i live 2 miles from the beach so it really does change things around here...