Sunday, October 9, 2011

Waiting for the Sun

Humming "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow" waiting for some sunshine in order to take  photos for Etsy listings... since my computer crash this last month and the patch-up, I am pretty sure my computer has become possessed by evil spirits..blogger hates's all working differently, can't comment on some blogs..I'm still reading, have been lurking..but it's some darn cookie issue.. and the settings on my own blog are weird...  the paragraph settings are strange now. As I've mentioned before, I'm so Low Tech as to be No-tech , I don't go making changes or fool around with the computer as I KNOW I will mess it up worse than before..ugh...
Also Facebook hates my computer now,too...OK, after that Whine-arama ,I will show you a photo of the latest beads out of the kiln..some of these are interesting, using new glazes that I'm mostly happy about..Normally I use a technique  that I developed using a sort of majolica effect with  Non majolica glazes. It involve lots of glaze layering  ..these new glazes also are layered..still unpredictable..but that's what I prefer as it keeps the process interesting for me..each pendant is somewhat different, even if they are of the same basic design.. it's a bit like Xmas when you open the kiln..some times its a Yahoo moment ..other times more of a What the heck happened in here.                    

Lots of Autumn designs,owls, squirrels, acorns, some dia de los muertos skulls and bird on vine pendants


sharon said...

Beautiful gorgeous pieces Nan! Sending you some good karma for that computer thingy!

Marie Cramp said...

I am really loving the red that is coming up in your pieces lately!! :)