Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good Blogging , Lori Anderson's Ecourse Revisited

Ok, this photo has nothing to do with this post, i just love Lilly's expression and they are cute dogs.
A few months back Lori Anderson posted an Ecourse that focused on Blogging.
Being somewhat new to Blogland i found the information and the feedback comments left by readers thought provoking and very helpful.

I hope to give my Blog a lot more attention in 2011, it's such a wonderful tool for business and networking.
Lori had some nice thoughts about blog writing that might be worth rereading.
my blog does some odd peak a boo thing with links so if it's invisible just scroll over the above blank for the link.
Thanks again Lori.


SummersStudio said...

I read this a while ago but didn't realize that she'd compiled all the comments now. It's a very nice ecourse with a lot of useful insights for both newer bloggers and those who've been around a while. Thank you for reminding me to go back and have a look at it.

Love the puppers. My two are in that kind of position quite often. Alice, who visits my blog fairly often, is a lot of the time like your black one up there, looking like she's just waiting for the right moment to tap Bob on the head. Bob looks up at me just like that, with this sort of "mum could you please do something here to help me out"

carol said...

nothing to do with your blog Lori but when are you going to make some more of those gorgeous hands?
they are magic..


Mary Newton Designs said...

Hi, Nan

Thanks for your positive feedback on my display. Yes, that is an old chair back I used for pendants. It worked out well.

fanciful devices said...

Hi! i hadnt seen this before. i read the whole thing. i especially liked to hear people's comments she compiled. really something to think about. ps- i think you should only blog if you really enjoy it. like, you wanna blog more, but dont force yourself. you should do it b/c its fun. if not all your posts will start with "sorry its been so long..." *my* personal pet peeve.

Pretty Things said...

Aw. You're too sweet!