Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fall Color Inspiration

This first rug is similar to the photo i saw in the magazine .

I was just reading Stregata's blog ,she had a lovely display of yarns in wonderful fall colors of teal, rusts, bright greens and cremes.

Last week ,waiting for my car to be inspected ,i perused the auto shops mags..there was a cool one on cottage style..How did that get in with the Field and Stream,Mechanics Journals and other snooze worthy publications. (sorry guys)..some wife must have taken pity on us girls.
As i flipped thru great photos of vintage and fun funky repurposed items ,my eye was drawn to a lovely rug with the beautiful fall colors that i love so much..teal , rust and a pop of bright green.
Now that color combination seems to be everywhere i look.
I have a secret passion for rugs, if you ever find yourself stuck for ideas just go rug shopping,they are a marvelous source of inspiration for interesting and unexpected color combinations.


stregata said...

Wonderful rugs, Nan. The colours are wonderful.

sharon said...


Emerald Window said...

I'm a rug fan too - but for inspiration, not for my floors. I have too many animals. It's hardwood floors for me.

Deborah said...

Lovely colors!