Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Smithsonian is the most amazing place..
it is on my bucket list...hate that term..but you get the picture..
i would love to go there,but as that's not possible , i happily visit in the virtual world. The Lightbox Luce collection has some amazing jewelry pieces, not all are WAY OUT.
In an earlier blog i posted some photos from there that inspire me, a jumping off place.
I just had breakfast visiting the museum( online of course) and wanted to share it.
i never know if blogger will do a peek a boo with my links..if so..then the space above is hiding the link..


mairedodd said...

the link works and that piece is wonderful - i love how she created lots of holes in the base and then allowed herself to find the right arrangement and leave the rest empty... i like seeing the process and how the point where she stopped is made clear...

Pretty Things said...

If you ever decide to come, let me know, as it's only an hour from me!