Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have this little idea..

What is it about those ideas that come to us in the middle of the night?
Are they magic or as my friend says ..brainfarts..
Well either way I have this little idea brewing in my head.
There was an article reminding people that the BP event is causing all manner of hardships for people along the gulf. Animal shelters are even feeling the impact of people losing their lively hood.

We rush to lend a helping hand to other countries who experience disasters..should we not do the same for our own countrymen. I am of the feeling that even if one is not well off themselves any little bit helps..
I'm fortunate, house paid for, car as well, no kids in college..etc..
How can i help??
I'm thinking...just tossing around this idea..of making..
100 hands..gulp..and donating a portion of the profit
to organizations giving support to people affected by this disastrous event ongoing in my backyard.


Cathryn said...

That's a wonderful idea! I don't know why we Americans feel the necessity to help outside of our own borders but fail to really help our neighbors.

stregata said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea to me!!

Emerald Window said...

Brava! A fabulous idea. Did you know that Etsy has a site that we can donate items to and the profits go to relief in the Gulf? I can't remember what it is called, but I've donated a piece to it. What about selling them for a little more money since part is going to charity and that way you can get your funds from them and still make a nice bit for helping others. I'd pay $10 for a "Helping Hand" knowing that a chunk of it was helping in the Gulf.
Keep us posted!

Mary Newton Designs said...

I love the hands, I'll buy more!

moonlitfantaseas said...

great idea, your hands are wonderful!We do need to start helping our own, we go outside our counrty too often to help others when there is great need among our own people

sharon said...

I would absolutely help in the small way I can.

Thank you for your kind comments!

Nancy said...

I have been trying to get some artists together to help in this disaster also.
My students and I raised over two hundred dollars in just under two hours. They drew bird art and then we "sold" their art for donations. Some of the students even bought back their own art!!
I want to make the $$ grow. Perhaps we could collaborate somehow?