Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cookin' up something for bead soup

i've been working on my bead soup..redoing and redoing it...i love the focal bead colors..reminds me of the west coast beaches..sand, dark swirling water, shiny glints of sun on the dark rocks.

i want my necklace( opps a little hint there) to be different and really support this lovely focal from my partner Melissa of One Eared Pig

..sooo..stayed up late last night making some ceramic pearls for some filler beads.
they're the ones in the upper right hand corner..
Marie Dodd i love those fabric wrapped links you make..i'm just not quite brave enough to add fabric to my work...sooo how about wire caged ceramic talisman sticks, hopefully those 3 long beads with heart, love and joy will work out and not just be a wacky idea.
this photo is of raw ( green) unfired clay..into the kiln this evening..then glazing tomorrow..by Thurs day i will know if they fit my vision. hmmm now that i am looking at the pearl i might redo them too....ahhhh ..hey the fun is in the vision. the rest is just problem solving.

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