Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Experimental Beads

The beads are out of the higher fired kiln..at first i was not sure what i thought about them..but after getting them home and really getting a close look ..i like them. It's amazing how much they are reduced in size from the original green and even bisk states..
the white clay must have been B-mix..no melt downs..thank you thank you thank you..
the chocolate clay fired very dark..almost black and very ancient looking.

I've had an empty shop for several months,or longer, that was set up with the idea of focusing on jewelry and supplies..Etsy shop name One Black Bee..
these beads would make some fun funky gypsy jewelry

With the pronounced shrinkage in mind, i would like to make some larger pendants with lots of texture out of some 2x2 tiles that i have made up..they would still be pretty chunky pendants but reduction in the kiln would make them very fun to wear...
Unfortunately my friends kiln is rather large and would take a LONG time to fill with beads..i made over 100 beads and they only covered 1 1/2 shelves..
Tomorrow it's back to production of rattles..I've been having too much fun playing around with beads this week..

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