Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Fixed It...well sort of..for today anyway

Ok i am the Queen of the Red Green "Duct Tape Clan"..
that's anyone who will use duct tape or something other than normal to do home repairs..
The flapper thingy in the toilet is ancient and needs to be replaced..the rubber loop broke that connects the flapper to the chain to the lever.. so you have to take the top off the tank and then manually open the flapper..ick ..ick...
yes ,i know, i should just go to HD today and get the replacement..but running any errand in Houston means an hour away from work and today is very busy studio day..( this is a lunch break blog)
This morning as i'm replacing the tank top, i have a brainstorm..realized that i could use some little clampy thing as a Ikea curtain ring with a tiny clamp was's teeth grabbed onto that broken rubber loop and it hooked onto the chain perfectly and now..IT diving into icky tank water...and no leaving home to run errands thanks Red Green for giving us permission to get creative with home repairs and save some time.

1 comment: said...

You are an artist and a handy person!?! What an awesome combination!