Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hearts and a Bead Soup Reminder

Here is an assortment of little heart pendant/beads 1"x3/4 that came out of the kiln this week,think they would look great worked into a necklace.

On the subject of necklaces..there is just a short time until the Bead Soup reveal..
only part of mine is done, i seem to have gotten stuck and can't make up my mind about how to finish the design..i keep rearranging things..
better decide soon...
Can't wait to see what everyone else has created from their bead mixes..check out the Blogs on Wed Feb 10th to see some great designs from over 80 different artists. Check out Lori Andersons blog, Pretty Things to get links to all the different participants.

1 comment: said...

They are so pretty! I think the deep blue is my favorite.