Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Bracelet, Warming up for the Bead Soup Party

I've been making some bracelets for my Etsy shop while I've been visiting my family. Beads are certainly more portable than clay.
This has a textured silver chain with a second string of wire wrapped, pebble shaped, tumble polished aqua stone..
I had the idea for this bracelet and went on a quick search for some kind of southwest ,rustic, chunky stone, not the traditional turquoise...
there will be a gem show in my area in a few doubt there will be some wonderful things to be found,I'm looking for something a little different, not so polished,more along the lines of a rough tumbled gemstone bead.
Even though i am fairly new to beading it's quickly becoming apparent why so many of the beading bloggers write about going on bead's so easy and fun to collect all these fabulous gems and beads for future projects..

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