Sunday, December 27, 2009

End of the year

We have been taking it easy around the house the last few days..caught a cold..but fortunately NOT the flu..maybe the Universe is signalling slow down..take some time off..
Xmas seemed very hectic this one i spoke with was much into the holiday spirit..more like ..let's just get this over with..
Perhaps people are looking for more meaning to the season..not a bad thing.

I am itching to get into the studio.. if i can dig my way in's a mess..typical of clay studios this time of year..we clear up , reorganize, revitalize, create new designs that have sprung into our heads while we went about crazily working to get xmas orders made and shipped to the galleries..
I am happy to say that this years orders were much better than last..hopefuly it's a sign our economy is turning around..

There are a number of new directions and changes to the Spirit Rattle Studio that i am anxious to get in place..keep swearing i will stop Rakuing..maybe that will actually happen this year..
My location is not advantageous to burning things, burn bans in the summers and city living make it tricky...
In additon, i am having great fun making my little bits of jewelry and hope to get some pieces listed on Etsy soon.

 I have fallen down the rabbit hole of Blogland..i love it...there are so many wonderful bloggers out there..i'm new at the blogging , hope i get the hang of it soon.

Here's a wish to all  in this New Year...2010
Create the life you dream.
Make a difference ...even if it's just a small thing.
Peace, Contentment, Humor,Love, Compassion, Kindness

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