Friday, October 16, 2009

Typically , in the mornings i am puttering around in the backyard with the dogs...feeding birds, pulling weeds etc

The squirrels are all busy building nests ..the yard is filled with little leafy oak twigs from all this activity..seems they drop as many as they get to the nest it's not unusual to have some twigs falling down around one.
ok scene set:

i'm standing by the big oak tree and hear this loud Whop noise behind me..think..oh i better move, i'm gonna get hit in the head..
before that thought is finished i feel something on my leg...with damp feet..OMG...what's that????

a little squirrel has taken a dive from some limb onto the ground then jumped onto my leg before getting back into the tree....

I have an adrenaline headache now..guess it's a good thing i was not like those goats that fall over when they get scared...
Is that an indicator of how the rest of my day will go??? where's the helmet

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